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Do people see themselves in your brand story?

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Welcome to “The Incredible Lightness of Branding”

Over the past few months, I have been reflecting on getting back to the roots of my brand and how branding like life is a journey towards wholeness.

As a brand strategist, I help companies find what their brand stands for and better focus on “its true purpose”.

Lightness in branding has many dimensions. It is about shedding weight and bringing clarity and simplification to one’s brand message. It’s about focusing the light of ones brand to maximize its power to connect with people. It’s also about being in the flow and letting a brand's essential being shine brightly. It’s about presenting one's brand in the best light so that others can see the beauty that is core to one's brand.

As a filmmaker and photographer, light is essential to creating beautiful inspiring imagery that connects with people. Light and shadow define shape. They add depth. They direct the eye and focus others attention on one's intention. 

In his novel the Unbearable Lightness of Being Milan Kundera said, “Love is the longing for the half of ourselves that we have lost”. This blog is as much about my journey to keep growing and keep connected with the passion I have for branding.

He also said “A single metaphor can give birth to love”. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on branding, story and personal development in “The Incredible Lightness of Branding.”

I would like to leave you with a story of love. One I filmed about the bravest, most connected and inspirational person I ever met. Jen was a 36 year old woman with stage IV breast cancer and an angel to other women fighting the disease. She was also a mom. This story is the message of hope and inspiration that she wanted to leave for her 6 year old son Corbin.  

This story was done for Imerman Angels an organization that  matches recently diagnosed cancer patients with people that have lived with the same diagnosis. Jen was and always will be an angel to others.