We finally got some warm weather in Chicago land and I spent a wonderful weekend at Tryon Farm in Michigan City Indiana. Tryon Farm is a community of simple modern homes that have been built to integrate with the natural environment. 

I am working on a brand story about Tryon Farm and its founders Ed and Eve Noonan.  They are a lovely couple and very committed to building a community and homes that help people connect with each other and with nature.  The homes have great views of the outdoors. Multi-purpose rooms that help maximize living space and utility. The homes generally have a great room that integrates the spaces typically devoted to living, dining, kitchen so that people naturally interact with each other vs. barricade themselves in large bedrooms. 

In branding color is a such a strong identifier and way of differentiating one's brand look from competition.  Perhaps birds have figured this out?

The video above is a fun little compilation of some of the footage from this weekend's shoot.